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Whether you are having a Grease birthday or a Breakfast at Tiffany’s soiree, Baltimore’s Best Events has all the decor, props, and entertainment you might need. We are a one-stop shop for all of your party planning in Essex and Baltimore, MD! Contact us today.

    Comedy Tragedy Mask,        Breakfast at Tiffany’s,                Broadway, Musical,                     Grease, Musical,
Musical                                        Blue                                                Prop                                         Prop
              Broadway, Centerpiece,       Broadway, Theater                Movies, Anchorman,            West Side Story,                              New York                      Popcorn, Balloons                              Cinema                             Musical, Theater
              Movie Cinema Academy Awards (4)
Joseph, Dreamcoat,             Guys and Dolls, Musical,      Showboat, Musical,                     Comedy, Tragedy,
Musical                             Musical, Prop                                Broadway                                Mask, Prop, Backdrop
Movie Cinema Academy Awards (2)     Tiffany's061408     Movie Wizard of Oz Hollywood     
   Red Carpet, Feather Boa,            Tiffany, Blue,                    Backstage, Custom Sign,       Theater, Seating Chart,
Theater                             Balloon Backdrop                             Theater                                   Candleboard
Movie Cinema Academy Awards feather (5)
Marilyn Monroe,
Hollywood, Feathers

 Red Carpet, Feather Boa, Theater  Tiffany, Blue, Balloon Backdrop  Backstage, Custom Sign, Theater
 Theater, Seating Chart, Candleboard  Marilyn Monroe, Hollywood, Feathers
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