Q: Do you offer catering or can we bring our own food?

A: Yes, we offer extensive catering services, you can view our catering options on our Catering Page. You can also bring in your own food or use an outside service. 

Q: How can I reserve a date for an event at CONFETTI’S?

A: The deposit is half the cost of the room rental, with the minimum being $350.  For weddings, the deposit is a minimum of $650 to reserve your date.

Q: How much is an off-site consultation?

A: If you would like us to travel to your home or to another venue for a consultation, it will be $125.

Q: Can you provide audio and visual services for my party?

A: Yes, sound systems,  television, lighting and projection rentals are available for your event.


Q: Can any of your inflatables fit inside?

A: Yes, we have smaller moonbounce options available for indoor spaces.

Q: Can you accommodate more than 160 guests if it is just a cocktail hour/standing only?

A: Our fire code only allows 180 people in the Event Hall at one time (standing).  If seated the allowance is 160 people. If part of your party is outdoors/ under a tent, then we can accommodate more than 160 guests.

Q: I am renting a costume, do you have performers to play the characters as well?

A: Yes, we not only rent costumes and characters, but we can arrange for someone to come act as these characters as well.

Q: Do you offer Military Discount?

A: Yes, we offer a 5% Military Discount.

Q: What do I need to supply when I pick up rentals?

A: Along with a valid driver’s license and credit card, the customer must supply the following:

1. Vehicle: must be large enough to accommodate the rental

2. Able-bodied help: to load and unload the rental

3. Padding: to protect the rental during transit

4. Rope or Twine: to secure the rental

Have more questions for Baltimore’s Best Events?  Please contact us410-825-2378

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