Diva, Fashion Show, Bling Bling, Glamor, Glitz in Maryland

Baltimore’s Best Events has a huge selection of glitz and glamor decor.  If you need a runway, feather centerpieces, or any sort of bling, we have it all. We would love to turn your special event in Essex or Baltimore, MD into an over-the-top extravaganza! Contact us today to get started on your next fashion show, Hollywood glamor, or international-themed party.

 Party Favor Glass Imprinted  Marquis Hollywood Red Carpet DIVA GlamourGlitz  Fashion Show  Rock StarRunway Red Carpet Fashion Party (1)
 IMG_0198  Red Carpet High Heel Shoe Balloon Sculpture feather boas
Lighting Lamp Purse
Lighted Purse Lamp $7.50, $18.50 to purchase
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